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At Gonzalez Legislative Consulting (GLC), we are proud to offer a wide range of services that can be uniquely tailored to each case. Whether you have  an idea that you'd like to kick around the table and develop into a piece of legislation, or are seeking professionally developed summary materials for an already drafted bill, or anything in between, we are just a click away. Please take a moment to scroll through our service list below. Once you've found the service category that best fits your goals, simply navigate to the "Schedule a Consultation" tab above and leave the rest to us.

Don't see your desired service listed? Reach out to us via email by navigating to the "Contact Us" tab above and we'll be in touch shortly to discuss how we can tailor ourselves to your individual request.

Bill & Bill Book Development 

GLC's most comprehensive legislative service, our bill books contain a wealth of information and documents individually tailored to your legislative idea. By selecting this service option, you can expect a bill book containing all of the following. 

  • Bill Language (Uniquely Tailored to your Idea)

  • Committee Talking Points

  • Anticipated Questions & Answers

  • One-Pagers

  • Floor Talking Points

  • Background Research Materials

Idea Development Consultations

Do you have an idea for a bill but aren't sure how to phrase it and ensure that it falls in line with state legislative convention? Utilizing GLC's idea development consultation service is a great way to begin your journey. 


GLC will be glad to meet with you to discuss your idea and work with you to craft language that not only meets your specifications, but that also fits the style and convention of legislative drafts. 

If this service sounds like what you're looking for please schedule a complimentary consultation by navigating above and a team member will be in touch shortly to discuss next steps.

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