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A native of Eagle Pass, Texas, Robert Charles Gonzalez firmly attributes his love of public service to both his familial and educational upbringings. While in high school, Gonzalez participated in programs with Subiendo: The Academy for Rising Leaders and the National Hispanic Institute. These programs provided Gonzalez with his first experience with policy development and led the way for Gonzalez Legislative Consulting's eventual formation. 

Gonzalez Legislative Consulting (GLC) was founded  in January of 2022 by legislative staffer Robert Charles Gonzalez in an effort to bridge the divide between citizens, community leaders, and legislators. Having spent the majority of his professional career in both chambers of the state's pink dome working on issue areas ranging from higher education and military installation security to veterans issues and water scarcity, Gonzalez's years of experience and dedication to public service drove him to create GLC in the pursuit of working with Texans to drive Texas forward.



At GLC, our mission is to educate, cultivate, and empower the creators of tomorrow's legislative achievements today. GLC believes and maintains that advancing change should be grassroots led, professionally developed, and responsibly implemented. 


To that end, we are proud to offer a wide array of affordable services to meet every client's legislative and policy related needs. If you believe that your request doesn't fall neatly into any one of our listed services, we invite you to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss the project needs and see how we can best leverage our experience to help you achieve your goals. 

If you'd describe yourself as any of the following and have an interest in utilizing any of our premier services, please feel free to schedule a consultation so we can discuss bringing your future idea into reality today.

  • A schoolteacher seeking primary sources and/or original materials for a lesson on the state legislature and legislative process. 

  • A young, budding future policymaker who has an idea but isn't quite sure how or where to start. 

  • A legislator or legislative staffer who has received a bill idea from a constituent and/or lobby group but can't find the time in between your other bills and committee meetings to research and draft a bill book packet.

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